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All photography provided by Larry Everage

The Oakland Second Line Project is a free cultural community experience bringing the authentic African roots of Second Line History and spirit of community building from New Orleans to POC communities of Oakland, Ca.


Our Mission

The Oakland Second Line Project aims to bring free quality black cultural arts community experiences to black neighborhoods of Oakland, Ca that otherwise would not traditionally have access to them. Our brand hopes to achieve leaving the black communities we work in inspired with sustainable ideas, skills, community resources, and networking system all while appreciating and supporting local black arts and artists.

Nate "Suave" Cameron Jr. and other members of MJ’s Brass Boppers, along with Mardi Gras Indian chief Ray Blazio, right, parade during the Second Line Project's debut at Arroyo Viejo Park in East Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday, March 11, 2018. The project was founded by the Bopper's Cameron, a native New Orleanian musician and cultural curator.

Indeed, the term second line parade refers to those who join in the rolling excitement. The people who are part of the hosting organization are the “first line” of the parade, while those who follow it along, dancing and often singing as they go, form what is known as the “second line.” Second lining can also refer to the type of dancing that usually goes on at these parades – a wild, strutting dance step to carry participants forward in pace with the brass band – so one can go to a second line, be in a second line and do the second line all at once.
— Ian McNulty, Frenchquarter.com